Aventuras Chile emerged from the need to offer the visitor of Pucón the best option of choice of the tourist agency and also to expand his possibilities of walks in the city. By means of agreements with the agencies, we can benefit:

  • Target Easy to find all agencies and activities in one place
  • List Build a complete panorama in the city and schedule your trip

And for the agency, the benefits are:

  • Creativity High visibility
  • Strength Better competitiveness, independent of the physical location, and for the quality of service and price

So Aventuras Chile urges to meet a need for the adventure industry, where the user has more options and agencies more visibility. And the user only collaborates with 3% of the total value of their activities. This serves to cover expenses and continue to improve the web application.

Who made Aventuras Chile:

  • Rafael Zarro Rafael Zarro - Creator and Designer
  • Oleksandr Solodovnikov Oleksandr Solodovnikov - Developer
  • Hlib Liapota Hlib Liapota - Developer

Credits: http://flaticon.com/